What is Mobicon?

Mobicon is an annual convention held in Mobile, Alabama in May. It was re-founded in 1998, with its membership increasing each year. Mobicon is a multi-genre convention with fandoms in science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics, anime, manga, horror, paranormal, and mass media. Each Mobicon, fans from these genres, along with actors, artists, authors, and other media guests get together to interact with each other and participate in a number of events that are unique and pertaining to their particular interests. Mobicon embraces Geek culture to the fullest and leaves no stone unturned in making sure we have something fun going on for all ages. From costume contests to organized play RPGs, Mobicon is the place to be. Organized and managed by Mobicon, a Mobile native not-for-profit, all profits derived from the convention are used towards charity and the goodwill of the community.

The Mobicon Foundation

The Mobicon Foundation is a charitable organization set up to build a qualified vendor list for STEM learning programs, games, kits, and tools and is actively working to build a fund that will be accessible to academic instructors and advisers to help subsidize the cost of these tools for their classrooms. The Mobicon Foundation believes heavily in the power of gaming as a learning tool to help build logical and problem-solving skills in people of all ages. We also embrace Cosplay and Fandom as a venue to deliver positive messages to the youth and our community. 

What is there to do at Mobicon?

During the day, the Merchant Room is open for our members to shop for games, collectibles, memorabilia, and more. Our Art Show and Artist alley provide space for local and national artists to display and sell their work. There are guests to meet, discussion panels to attend and debate in, and demonstrations to watch. A designated staffed KidCon area is set up just for the children in our community to take part in crafts and play games. The night hours feature structured programming and games so our guests can socialize, interact with each other and make new friends. Mobicon also co-hosts sanctioned after parties in select establishments in the Downtown area. There are also various Gaming areas open 24 hours throughout the weekend.

The proceed from the Mobicon event will be utilized by the Mobicon Foundation to continue to grow our presence in the community. It is very important to us to continue to grow this fundraiser and establish our primary fund to seed our cause.