Mobicon knows how active the local cosplay community is and the level of entertainment they bring to conventions. We want to encourage all of our guests to participate in the fun!

Costume Contest Registration is now open!

Click here to sign up:

Line Up will take place from 4:30-5:15, and the show will start promptly at 5:30 pm. Best in Class award will be given for each category, as well as best in show. For the Exhibition group, a Crowd Choice award will be given based on performance on stage and the crowd’s reaction.

Costume Contest Categories:
Children (under 12) and Families
Exhibition (Can be made or bought, not eligible for craftsmanship awards, but eligible for Crowd Choice)
Novice (never won/placed in a cosplay contest, beginner level, at least 50% made or modified)
Journeyman (won/placed in 1-2 cosplay contests or has been working at their craft for more than a year or two, at least 2/3 must be made or modified)
Master (won/placed in 3 or more cosplay contests, advanced skill level, 80% or more made)

Prejudging will take place Saturday from 2-3 pm for Masters (with preregistration), and from 3 to 4:30 pm for all other craftsmanship entries. Contestants should be in costume and be prepared to talk about construction. Reference picture recommended for any character that isn’t a 100% original design. Costumes should follow the guidelines listed in the category descriptions. Exhibition entries do not have to participate in prejudging, but must register for the contest and receive a spot in the lineup by 2 pm. COSPLAY CONTEST REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE FOR ALL CATEGORIES AT 2 PM SATURDAY.

Costume Contest Rules

  1. Contestants can only enter in one category, Individual or Group. Due to the unpredictable size of groups, a prize for each member cannot be guaranteed.
  2. No skits during judging or catwalk.
  3. No nudity. No costume is no costume.
  4. No profanity allowed on stage. That includes messages on signs or clothes. Anyone who violates this may be disqualified from the competition.
  5. No political or religious statement during the catwalk. Anyone who violates this may be disqualified from the competition.
  6. Do not use any sort of projectile at all! Nothing must leave your person while you are on the catwalk. Anyone who violates this rule may be disqualified from the competition and may be asked to leave the convention area.
  7. No flashpots, explosive devices, or similar special effects are to be used. Anyone who violates this rule may be disqualified from the competition and may be asked to leave the convention area.
  8. All prop weapons must conform to the Mobicon Weapons Policy.
  9. We encourage submitting entries via email before pre-judging. Spaces are limited, and once the competition is full, any further entries will not be accepted.
  10. To be judged for accuracy a visual reference, preferably a front and back color photo on paper, can be turned in with your application. Electronic media (i.e. CDs) will not be accepted nor will bringing a laptop or video device (i.e. iPods) to pre-judging. This is not required. However, you may not be eligible for accuracy points if the judges are not familiar enough with your character.
  11. All judging will be done before the showing, off-stage.
  12. Costumes must be self-contained.
  13. Do not enter or exit the catwalk except at the designated points.
  14. Each contestant may only enter one costume into competition.
  15. Large elaborate costumes must be handled by the contestant and/or assistants the contestant brings to help. Mobicon will not be able to provide assistants.

Cosplay Rules:

  • Mobicon reserves the right to deem a costume unacceptable and request the wearer to make modifications or change clothing. Mobicon is a family friendly event, please dress appropriately. Use common sense when choosing your costume and a good rule of thumb is that a costume should be no less than a standard bikini swimsuit.  
  • Please properly seal your body makeup and be respectful of others while wearing body paints.
  • All Mobicon attendees should wear proper footwear while attending the convention. Proper foot wear consists of; shoes, boots, sandals, and slippers. Roller-blades, skates, or Heelys are not permitted.
  • All weapons must be non-working, checked by con staff, and peace bonded. It is upon the attendee to ensure their prop is inspected and approved prior to entering the convention arena! Mobicon does not allow any functional projectile weapons or projectiles of any kind. Metal weapons are strictly prohibited at Mobicon. Any permitted weapons must be checked and peace bonded. Do not bring weapons that Mobicon staff & the police officers cannot tell are fake from approximately ten feet away. Mobicon has the right to declare any weapon inappropriate and/or dangerous. If your weapon is deemed dangerous you will be asked to remove it from the convention area. Mobicon also reserves the right to check/process any weapon before or during convention times.

Cosplay is Not Consent. Mobicon does not tolerate harassment of any kind. Please report any harassment to event security and/or staff.