The crew from Mutiny Burlesque is joining us for the first time and we can’t wait to see what they have planned! This show is 21+, and there will be a cash bar available upstairs for our attendees’ convenience.
Meet the performers-
Ginger Grenade is a little sweet, a little spicy, and very explosive! Ginger has been burlesque dancing since 2015 and has been in dozens of shows in Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana. A years-long obsession with burlesque has led to a style influenced by rock and jazz music, and her acts are often a blend of classic costuming coupled with rock music. Since Mutiny began in 2018, Ginger has helped to produce and perform in each of their 14 productions and hopes to continue to perform after a long pandemic hiatus. She is thrilled to be a part of Mobile’s own Mobicon!
Mena Gerie was the final addition to the original Mutineers and was the perfect puzzle piece they were missing. Dancing since 2017, Mena brings her distinguishing style of dance to every performance, and her ability to be a chameleon to every distinct look. Her acts are often a visual extravagance, sometimes beautiful and sometimes macabre. Mena brings her avant-garde sensibilities to every performance, and Mobicon will be no exception.
Pixie Van Dyke is a Louisiana native and a Southern belle, but don’t let that fool you. With charisma to spare and an edge that sets her apart, Pixie is a newcomer to Mobile’s burlesque scene who has already made her mark. She has been a champion of burlesque at Herz, Mobile’s only lesbian bar, where she dances monthly. Like the other performers tonight, Pixie is a proud member of the LGBTQ family and is delighted to be at Mobicon.
Jwan Jordan
Jwan Jordan was born in Flint, Michigan and due to his father being a stuntman spent many stints in Hollywood where he got to spend time at Walt Disney Studios’ art studio. It was in that studio that Jwan fell in love with art and writing and when old enough attended Specs Howard School of media arts and Mott Community College for foreign studies and photography.
Jwan struggled with depression his entire life and found a way to combat his downtime by reading motivational books, exercising, and connecting with other positive people. It was at that time that the birth of his most famous book Affairs of the Mind: Chibi was born!
Jwan Jordan now does motivational speaking, and public reading of his works and takes part in many community activities to help better the world he lives in.

“We live this life not just for ourselves but for the betterment of all life and humanity.” – Jordan.
Authors page:…/e/B00GL3XXR2/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0
Gulf Coast Gaming Events
Gulf Coast Gaming Events provides tabletop gaming content for conventions and local events. Their complete library currently has over 2,500 tabletop games that can be checked out and played for FREE while you are at the event. These games include board games, role-playing games, miniature games, war games, card games, dice games, simple games, complex games, single-player games, party games, children’s games, 18+ games, and much more!
Not familiar with many games? The Gulf Coast Gaming Events demo crew is made up of some of the nicest men and women in the region and ranges in age from teenagers to their sixties and everything in between. These passionate demo reps are skilled in the art of teaching players of all skill levels how to play all types of games. There are often representatives from different game companies, independent demo personnel, and small local game designers, all waiting to teach you how to play their games. Demo staff will vary based on the event and location.
Gulf Coast Gaming Events also coordinates and runs Play-to-Win sections at conventions. These Play-to-Win games are checked out and played during the event and on the last day, they are given away to electronically selected winners drawn from the people who actually played the game during the event. This is a great way to try out new games and possibly even take some home with you at the end of the event.
To learn more about Gulf Coast Gaming Events please visit us on Facebook at If you would like to browse the list of games in the library you can access the complete database updated live at and search for your favorite games. We look forward to seeing you at the table very soon.

Brian K. Perry, Sea of Treachery
Brian K. Perry
Brian K. Perry is a writer, historical costumer, cosplayer, and game designer. Originally from Ashland, Kentucky, Brian came to Alabama while on a work assignment in 2008 and decided to relocate. In 2020 Brian started to get ideas for tabletop games and late in the year the idea Sea of Treachery was born. He had prototype dice made then began the testing process and has had multiple game tests with various demographics to date. Brian has set up EraHelm as his new game company which he will begin launching games from. He is endeavoring to launch a Kickstarter within six months of Mobicon.
Sea of Treachery
A historical pirate themed dice game of chance where every player is a captain set against one another. They start the game determining who will go first, then roll to determine which class of ships they will receive. The number of ships recommended is up to the group playing. The more ships per person, the longer the game will last.
The attacking captain decides which captain they will challenge and hands them the defender dice. The defending captain will roll to determine which class of ship is being played for. The roll then plays out based on the individual customized dice: fate, skull, personnel, cannons, projectile, boarding (re-roll of skull – high roll wins to board or repel – if tie, it goes to the defender), personal combat. While captains are attacking or defending, they are evading Captain Benjamin Hornigold the turncoat pirate hunter. Lest ye forget the Kraken is about these waters and takes many ships to a watery grave.
Blue Knight Cosplay
Blue Knight Cosplay is a skilled cosplayer, art teacher, and artist that currently hails from Fort Walton Beach, FL. She has been costuming regularly for over 15 years, and sewing for way longer than she cares to admit. Blue Knight enjoys working with a wide variety of materials including clay, resin, Worbla, wood, fabric, and much more. Her passion for learning new skills and her attention to detail has won her countless craftsmanship awards across the Southeast. Inspiration for Blue Knight’s costumes often comes from her favorite video games, shows, movies, and whatever she can dream up.
In addition to her costumes, Blue Knight also owns her own business, Blue Knight Props. Blue Knight Props specializes in hand-sculpted, cast costuming products. Blue Knight Props offers a large variety of handmade resin cast costuming products; from ears and horns to medallions, embellishments, and much more. She also sells ready-to-wear handmade headdresses, headbands, and props. She currently maintains a shop on Etsy, travels to vend at cons, and takes custom commissions.
When she isn’t making costumes, working on things for her shop, or teaching art, she can be found playing video games. Blue Knight also enjoys traveling and sharing her love for costuming with fellow fans.
Patrick Giles
Patrick Giles is a Mobile native now living in Birmingham where he illustrates trading cards for Topps, Upper Deck, and Fright Rags. He has worked on many franchises including most of his work on Garbage Pail Kids, Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe projects. He has drawn over 100 Trading Card sets since Mars Attacks in 2013.
We are so grateful to Patrick for all of the beautiful art he’s created for Mobicon, especially for our logo art!
3CPImprov – Comedy Improv Troupe
Founded in 2017, the Chickasaw Civic Comedy Players (3CP Improv) made Chickasaw Civic Theatre the only Mobile community theatre with their own house improv team. The troupe was built on the opening words of Viola Spolin’s Improvisation for the Theatre: “Everyone can act.” They strive to be welcoming to any actors who wish to play and to any audience members who wish to laugh.
About the actors-
Cindy Brady is excited to be performing at Mobicon. In addition to her work with 3CP Improv, she has appeared in numerous shows with Chickasaw Civic Theatre, Mobile Theatre Guild, and Joe Jefferson Playhouse. She has also done several shows with Mobile Mystery Dinners. When not performing, Cindy is a Special Education teacher at Allentown Elementary School.
Steven Castle has been performing improv comedy off and on for over two decades. he was a founder of the Improv Comedy Underground and is a current member of Dad Company Improv, where he’s lucky enough to goof off with his friends while people laugh at–with?–him.
Gage is a dad, a thespian of sorts, and a GenX-er who loves sketch comedy, improv, and literally laughing out loud. Little-known fact, he always dreamed of being a B-movie actor. He has been with 3CP from the beginning and is known for his high-energy style.
Cheyenne Kinzer Gates has a creative spirit with an interest in many things, making her a collector of hobbies. Among other things, she enjoys writing, photography, art, baking, and traveling. She hopes that her creations—whether a story, painting, or delicious treat—spread joy and happiness to others.
Chip Goff has been acting in community productions and making stuff up for the past twenty years in Improv Comedy Underground, 3CP Improv, and Dad Company Improv. He directs plays at St. Paul’s Episcopal School, where he has taught English and Theatre for the past fifteen years. Let me know if this works for you or you would rather something flippant.
Barney March is a respected Mobile attorney and avid performer. He has worked with every Mobile area theatre and when he isn’t learning lines for his next scripted show, he is ignoring them for his next improv show with 3CP Improv or Dad Company Improv. He would like to thank his family for their unending support, and he would especially like to thank Kelly Teague for writing his bio.
Kelly Teague has been fairly obsessed with improv for decades. He performed with Improv Comedy Underground before cofounding 3CP Improv and Dad Company Improv. He is a three-time finalist and two-time winner of the Best Local Comedian Nappie Award (fingers crossed for another trip to the podium in July).
Samantha Teague is the producer and technical director for 3CP Improv. She probably doesn’t know Kelly is including her in the bios but she does amazing work and deserves a bucketload of credit. If she had spare time, she would just fill it with more exceptional work.
Corvid House Publishing
Tess and Michelle are authors of urban fantasy, young adult dystopia, and gay romance. Both North Florida locals, Michelle and Tess have tried to spread their particular brand of gritty fantasy and sparkly romance all across the Southeast. When they’re not writing their butts off, they like to watch anime and horror movies, play video games, and send each other cute pictures of their cats.
The first book in Corvid House Publishing’s flagship urban fantasy series, The Left-Hand Path, was a 2016 Undiscovered Book Award winner. Devil’s Gamble, under their gay romance imprint His Princely Delicates, was a 2016 Rainbow Awards finalist.
Michael J. Allen
A star-lord and USA Today bestselling author of character-driven,
multi-level science fiction and fantasy, Michael J. Allen is a former US
Navy submarine nuclear reactor operator, scuba diver, and avid toy starship
collector. He enjoys helping people chase their own dreams through financial
coaching, infusing his quirky sense of humor – and the occasional sneaky
pop-culture reference – into both real life and fiction.
With over two dozen published stories, he’s recently contributed to his longtime
beloved Starflight universe. His released books span the whole gambit of the
SF/F genres from space opera and military science fiction to urban, western, and contemporary epic fantasy. He credits childhood heroes like Robin
Williams, Danny Kaye, Terry Pratchett, Gene Wilder, and Weird Al Yankovic
for this seemingly random madness.
Michael will be presenting panels at Mobicon, so make sure to check the schedule for those!
 Zuraka Belly Dancers of Mobile
Zuraka Belly Dancers of Mobile is a diverse group of women who are bonded by our joy of dance and powered by our love and respect for each other. Our styles include Traditional Egyptian-both Cabaret and Folkloric along with Latin, Tribal, and Modern Fusion.
William Green
Entertainer/ Balloon Artist /Magician
William Green is the professional Entertainer you have been looking for. He is a Balloon Artist / Magician / Stilt Walker, EmCee, and Amazing overall amazing performer And all around Funny Man with a sharp wit! William started Entertaining in Orlando, FL over 10 years ago. He was one of the top Stiltwalking Balloon Twisters and MC’s at Universal Studios Orlando, with a barrage of talents and abilities that are sure to amaze. Not only does he perform Magic. He also teaches Magic To kids of all Ages with the “MYSTERY OF MAGIC SCHOOL” William is also a member of the international Brotherhood of Magicians
Clown Association. William specializes in Corporate Entertainment, children’s birthday parties, Kid shows, close-up shows, grand openings, and special events. Originally Born In Miami Florida, William moved to Orlando Florida where he would find himself being called one of the best entertainers in the Game.
Craig A. Price Jr.
Craig A. Price Jr. is a USA Today bestselling author of Claymore of Calthoria Trilogy, Dragon’s Call Trilogy, Dragonia Empire Series, Space Gh0st Adventures Series, and several other titles available in alternate realities. He loves to read, write, cast spells, and spend time with his beautiful wife and three children. He dreams of one day becoming a full-time wizard, but until then, he’ll settle for being an author. With more than a dozen novels under his belt now, it’s only a matter of time before he settles for world domination, but until then, you can follow his author journey as he takes over one reader’s soul at a time.
Craig lives on the Alabama Gulf Coast, among the ravenous mosquitos, humidity, and deadly predators. If you spot him in the wild, he can be dangerous, but will often be tamed by a Mountain Dew and Reese’s.
John LeBatard
John LeBatard is a mixed-media artist, painter, and game designer. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, John relocated to Mobile, Alabama in his youth. Growing up with ADHD as well as dyslexia made understanding most games very hard, especially with numbers. He factors this into what he designs now, making games that are accessible and enjoyable for people from a variety of backgrounds. He is the mastermind behind Traders and Traitor’s game design.
John has always been fascinated with how things work, figuring out puzzles, and both creating and enjoying art. He enjoys making and designing things from what would otherwise be discarded, so much of his art is made from recycled materials. John is also the man behind the magic for One Foot in the Grave Prop Shop. At One Foot, he runs a 3D-print farm (both making and painting 3D prints), making props for movies, theatre performances, and cosplayers alike. Most recently, he has won First Place and Best in Show for some of his painted miniatures at Building on the Bay Model Club.
John’s love for making things and playing games came together during the COVID lockdowns when he and his son started making games together.
No Ordinary Balloon Man
Bruce Carr aka No Ordinary Balloon Man is a professional award-winning balloon artist currently living in Orlando, FL serving the Central Florida area and beyond. Bruce has entertained and built balloon creations for companies such as Disney, Wal-Mart, Kennedy Space Center, Geico, Lockheed Martin, Build-A-Bear, Dunkin Donuts, Belk, and Chick-fil-a. He is also an entertainer for parties and events throughout Florida and the Eastern United States, including Colossalcon in Ohio, Screw Attack Gaming Convention in Texas, Mobicon in Alabama, and many more. Bruce combines balloon art, acting, singing, and puppetry to construct beautiful lightweight costumes to delight attendees of any large event. Bruce’s work has been recognized in social media and made into countless memes featured on such websites as Kotaku, MTVgames and Know Your Meme (Balloon Solid Snake and Balloon Colossal Titan) Equestria Daily (Balloon Party Favor Pony and Balloon Bridge), and Cartoon Network (Balloon Finn and Jake). As a performer, Bruce has collaborated with other amazing artists for unique balloon performances with Grammy Nominated punk rock band Green Jellÿ, Zombie Orpheus, creators of the Amazon Prime series “Journey Quest” and with Pecach Pictures “Pony Meets World” as “Human Discord”. As an individual with Asperger Syndrome, Bruce encourages others to pursue their dreams through the panel ” Twisting Up the Odds” and he is happy to be adding his whimsical balloon artistry to Mobicon!
J B Garner
Z-tier author/S-class editor, but generally awesome, Jamie Beth (J. B.) Garner has written over a dozen novels across multiple genres and edited hundreds more. Born near Baltimore, MD in 1976, J.B’s seen and done many things in her life, from honors student to factory worker to garbage collector to construction worker, but her true passion has always been the written word. She writes fantasy, sci-fi, and pro-wrestling epics among other things, and is always out to entertain and amaze!
J B is appearing with Godshard Chronicles
Elmon Dean Todd of Godshard Chronicles

Elmon Dean Todd is the author of the Godshard Chronicles fantasy novels. He alternates living in the Florida Panhandle and the UK. He attended the University of West Florida and University College Cork in Ireland and graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Literature. He has taught English in Switzerland and Japan and has worked in law enforcement for a decade. He is currently developing the Godshard Chronicles video game for PC and consoles.
 Iris Kain

Iris Kain is the author of 4 paranormal thrillers: Shadow Hunter, Eternal Spring, Sour, and Blood Tribe, as well as her 5th upcoming novel, Blood Trials. At different times in her life, she has called Michigan, Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia, and Germany home. Iris loves horror books & movies, gargoyles, spiders, and black cats, as well as anything that makes you laugh while checking your closet for critters with teeth. She currently resides in Alabama with her husband, son, cats, and two adorable Swedish Vallhund dogs.
Flatline Comics
Flatline Comics- Alabama’s preeminent comics publisher since 2010! Specializing in horror, science-fiction, and fantasy comics, Flatline has had over $200,000 in comics funded on Kickstarter. New comics are published monthly, and they are now offering complete series in signed/numbered Collector Boxes. Available for the first time in 2022: Flatline Comics Mystery Boxes with exclusive foil, sketch, and chase variants.
About the Artists:
Headquartered in Fairhope, Alabama, Kevin LaPorte writes and publishes comics with partner Amanda Rachels. They founded Inverse Press in 2010 and oversee a burgeoning catalog of weird horror comics. The worlds Kevin creates under the Flatline Comics imprint range from the transformative big top of Vicious Circus to the Steampunk Apocalypse of Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen to the demon-possessed starscape of The Absentee.
Amanda Rachels’ love of horror films and comics heavily influenced her own comics work, including horror epics Vicious Circus and Flesh of White, and her very own anthology volumes entitled Amandatory. She regularly provides freelance cover and commission art and, together with partner Kevin LaPorte, is a full-time comics publisher at Flatline Comics.
Rando Dixon is a lifelong Mobilian. He works predominantly in the medium of pen and ink line art but branches out into acrylic paintings. After years of freelance graphic design, he started on the road to his dream of becoming a comic book artist in 2012. Since, he storyboarded a number of motion pictures, including Convergence and USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, and co-created and penciled/inked sci-fi horror comic The Absentee from Flatline Comics.
Rika is a nerdy pop culture artist based out of the Florida Panhandle. An active part of the Gulf Coast convention and cosplay community for over 10 years as Rikativity, she’s rekindled her life-long love of illustration and painting into a creative career. Though she now uses different mediums, Rika still makes art to express her passion for the stories and characters she loves and to connect with fellow fans who love them too. When not crafting and creating, Rika enjoys tabletop gaming, international foods, and all things Disney.
You can follow her artistic journey on Instagram at @petalwing_studio and nerdy life updates at @rikativity.
Geek Out Studio
Geek Out Studio is an award-winning cosplayer who has made numerous appearances across the southeast. Movies, video games, anime, or tabletop gaming, Geek Out Studio is a fan of it all, and enjoys bringing that fandom to life. Cosplaying for five years, Geek Out Studio has come to be known for his armored costumes and detailed prop work. He’s become a positive figure in the costuming community by sharing his knowledge, love, and experience with them as well as the broader general public. He’s a founding member and administrator for the charity cosplay group, Causeplay Gulf Coast, as well as the Commanding Officer for the Southern Regiment of the Halo costuming community, the 405th Infantry Division. Welcome Geek Out Studio and be sure to geek out with him.
Ligerzero Gaming And Cosplay
My name is Ligerzero! I’m a POC cosplayer and streamer from South Mississippi. After I attended my first convention in 2013, I fell completely in love with cosplay and jumped in feet first. While I started with some fun closet cosplays, now you’ll find me around con floors, usually putting a bit of a curly haired twist on some of your favorite characters. With my huge love of anime like Gundam, Evangelion, and My Hero Academia, and video games like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Nier, you never know who I’ll show up as next. And when I’m not enjoying my love of cosplay, you can catch me coming to you live through the power of the internet, sharing my love of video games one stream at a time.
Scott O. Brown: Winner of the Harvey and Independent Publisher awards, Scott is a veritable Man of Comics TM and has been writing, lettering, and publishing comics since 1999. His most recent series is the 80s retro tribute comic SUPER TEAM INTERNATIONAL ’88, with artist Carlos Gabriel Diaz. His work has appeared in Heavy Metal, Antarctic Press’s relaunches of Jungle and Exciting Comics, District Comics, and many others. He is also the visionary letterer behind the remastered Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Clover, and Battle Angel Alita, as well as numerous other manga series.
Welcome our 2019 Cosplay Competition Best In Show winner, 13.Katz!
13.Katz started cosplaying in 2014 but has been an indulgent nerd for much longer. She has placed in cosplay competitions, hosted a variety of panels, and been in publications. For her cosplay is a fun hobby that involves constantly learning new ways to make things work, which she then loves to share through social media and panels!
501st Legion Alabama Garrison
Since 1997, the costuming organization known as the 501st Legion has spread the magic of the Star Wars genre worldwide through its authentic-looking costumes and has become the leading force in fan-based charity events.
Star Wars fans come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, but no matter how diverse they may seem, common bonds become evident when people come together to celebrate their passion for George Lucas’s modern mythology. Some fans are content to collect action figures…other fans want to be action figures. Nothing professes your fandom quite like building your own detailed costume replica of a classic Star Wars villain, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling that comes from bringing the characters of Star Wars into the real world and sharing the magic with others.
A truly engaging Star Wars experience only occurs through a convincing appearance. To this end, the 501st constantly strives to improve the quality and accuracy of its member’s costumes. Our goal is to appear as if our characters have just stepped off the big screen and into this world.
While our organization was founded to simply provide a collective identity for costuming fans with similar interests, the 501st is proud to put its resources to good use through fundraising, charity work, and volunteerism.
The Sabers of the Southern Waters
The Sabers of the Southern Waters is a guild that incorporates led sabers, metal swords, foam weapons, and various other training weapons and methods to help bring people to various groups. Those groups are but not limited to HEMA, SCA, TSL, SCL, and LARP just to name a few. The guild is always accepting new members with no cost to come and train. If anyone is interested please come out and join us.
405th Southern Regiment – Halo Costumes and Props
The 405th Infantry Division is the world’s costume community for all things from the Halo video game franchise. Have you ever wanted to don your own suit of Spartan armor or try your hand at making an Elite come to life? Members of the 405th have shared the spotlight in promoting and spearheading the Halo franchise. From game launches, to the red carpet premiere of the Paramount+ Halo series, members of the 405th through their hard work have garnered significant recognition from 343 and Microsoft. It is a positive and supportive community that strives to help anyone and everyone build their character through Armor, Honor, and Unity. Members of the 405th Southern Regiment will be on hand to answer questions about how to build the props and armor and how you can join.
CYPHACON is Louisiana’s longest-running and largest fan-run Pop Culture convention! Established in 2011 CYPHACON has brought its fans some of the best entertainment including Anime, Gaming and Science Fiction programming second to none. Celebrating our 10th Annivseary this past April CYPHACON is returning in 2023 for its 11th Anniversary event on March 31st-April 2nd to the Lake Charles Civic Center in Lake Charles, Louisiana!
Really Rad Weekend
Really Rad Weekend is a celebration of gaming! Held at The Island Resort on Okaloosa Island on November 12th and 13th, RRW is the evolution of Emerald Coast Con, a convention started by friends who wanted to combine their love of gaming for the great good!
The Nerd Colosseum: Podcast
A podcast where movies, TV, video games, or anything pop culture “battles” it out in rounds, “tournament-style” for the number one spot in our countdowns! Husband and wife duo Frankee and Kristen Harris will be offering guests a chance to voice their opinion on a variety of nerdy topics and appear on an upcoming episode of The Nerd Colosseum!
Brethren of the Southern Shores
B.O.S.S. Pirate Crew is a 27-member powerhouse of historical reenactors and entertainers. These pirates have performed interactive sea shanties and weapons/black powder demonstrations at Renaissance faires and festivals throughout the Gulf Coast for many years. They work closely with the History Museum of Mobile to bring historical figures to life from ALL time periods. Family-friendly, engaging, and approachable; pay the crew of BOSS a visit at this year’s Mobicon at their fan table and join them for a shanty or two at their panels!
The Gypsy Chicks
Empowering the fire of the feminine spirit with precision and strength, the Gypsy Chicks unleash their most powerful creative movement through improvisational American Tribal belly dance. Their decorative Gypsy style and lively rhythms dazzle children of all ages and inspire the young at heart with the Spirit of Dance. Soaring with swords and skilled skirt work their shows mesmerizes people of all ages. Audience participation, zill accompaniment, sword balancing and even fire dance has promise a spectacle to story-tell long after the final curtain call!
Faery Court Masquerade Ball
Come join the crew from the Faery Court Masquerade Ball and learn a little more about their event:
3rd Annual Faery Court Masquerade Ball: Court of the Dark Fae
Fourth Saturday in September near the Autumn Equinox.
September 24, 2022 in Biloxi, MS.
All realms and courts across time are invited to the Autumn Queen’s
Faery Court Masquerade Ball. Adults 18+. Costume or Formal Attire required.
Cosplay Hostess: The Autumn Faery Queen & her court of advisers.
Solar Mississippi
Solar offers the finest Live Action Role Play (LARP). We feature two campaigns. One campaign is high fantasy and is named Cerroneth. The other features dark fantasy and is called Aftermath. We have a full weapons combat system, a full magic system, and rules that are balanced between multiple character classes. From the mighty warrior to the mystic scholar to the crafty rogue, we have an adventure for you. Please come by our fan table at Mobicon for more information.